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Who We Are

Singer Equities is a decentralized group of value added distributors in the industrial rubber products industry.  Our ten platform companies distribute and fabricate industrial & hydraulic hose, conveyor belt and gaskets. We have 40+ locations in the U.S. that service a diverse market portfolio including petrochemical, oil/gas, food & beverage, OE equipment, marine, MRO, construction, rental supply.

Our extensive product offering includes industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, metal hoses, composite hoses, conveyor belt, and rubber, metallic & non-asbestos gaskets as well as industrial supplies.  We also offer value added services including on-site hose and conveyor belt inspections, installations and repair, hose testing services, engineering/consulting services and training.

Our Philosophy

  • We understand that good companies are the result of good management, and we will encourage good management to remain.
  • We know that a company can do best when its management has the resources available to grow and be innovative.
  • We encourage management growth by providing an operating environment that allows prompt decisions and rapid responses to the marketplace.
  • We are firm believers that management should participate in an incentive plan that properly awards post-acquisition growth and profitability.