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You’re A Winner!

Each month we will be rewarding 3 users of for their monthly participation for a total of $250.

Here’s the monthly deal:

(1) $100 gift card for the person who purchases the highest dollar volume of slow moving and or overstock from another Singer Platform company. These are items that would not ordinarily be purchased inter-company.

(1) $100 gift card for the person who purchases the highest # of transactions from other Singer Platforms. In other works this is based on the frequency of purchases not dollars.

(1) $25 gift card for one lucky winner for just logging into searchsinger that month. Since we able to track individual users log-in frequency, we will put everyone’s name who logged in that month on our Singer wheel of winners. The wheel is spun and the person whose names it stops on wins $25 gift card. demo link > SearchSinger “wheel of winners” < In order to be eligible you must report your purchase(s) via this google form. >> searchsinger wins form << Please click on the link and fill in all the questions. Its very simple to do. The form will then automatically fill in a spreadsheet showing all those entries. At the beginning of each month we will total up the sales as well as the number of transactions and the winners will be announced. You do not have to fill in anything for $25 “wheel of reward” Searchsinger will keep track of that.

Purchases eligible are items not normally purchased from the other Singer Platform. For example PRC currently buys all our metal hose from Allied Rubber. Those purchases and any other similar purchases are exempt from this incentive.

If you have any questions or have trouble with the link please contact Kevin at PRC Industrial Supply (207)774-3993 or email me at or

-thank you and happy hunting-